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. the storm's impact felt across the country. travelers stranded in cities up and down the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled. rail service through the northeast also suspended. mass transit in big cities like new york and philadelphia and boston is shutting down. thousands in low-lying coastal communities forced to flee sandy's wrath. people sandbagging, preparing for the worst, what could be a massive storm surge and flooding. we've got it covered on "happening now." jenna: we start with this fox news alert. new york state is planning on closing two major tunnels going into manhattan at 2:00 p.m. eastern time today. bridges in and out of the city are staying open for now as an unprecedented monster storm paralyzes the east coast. hurricane sandy strengthening as it closes in on 50 million americans and more than half a dozen states with destructive winds that could reach the coast to the great lakes. i'm jenna lee. it is not just the storm by the way. it rareliry is, it is the storm surge we're watching today. hundreds of thousands ordered to evacuate low-lying areas
an enormous inferno in new york city. 80 homes burned to the ground in one devastated seaside community. many evacuated residents still uncertain whether they have a home to go back to. >>> a new jersey nuclear plant deer clairing an alert after floodwaters rose seven feet high. an update and more all "happening now." jon: good morning to you, from a shell-shocked northeast. i'm jon scott. jenna: nice to have you back in the studio. jon: great to be back. jenna: you felt the elements out there. jon: it wasn't as bad when i was out there as it got. jenna: show you comparisons yesterday, you get the feeling what the last 24 hours means not only for new york city but the entire east coast. i'm jenna lee. we're so glad you're with us today. new york and new jersey declared major disaster areas, one day after the super storm, named sandy slammed into the u.s. mainland and left behind a trail of devastation. at least 18 people are dead across seven states and more than seven million now without power. you have huge portions of the state of new jersey underwater at this hour, including the resort to
, new york. new york city subways remain shut down for a second day because of massive flooding. new york not the only place struggling to recover from a monster storm that is blamed for 55 deaths. ohio feeling the sheer force of sandy did. this powerful storm knocked down trees, snapping power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of folks in the dark there. that is drop this the bucket compared to more than eight million who have no power. at the height of the storm. some as far away as michigan. a big chunk of the outages in new york. check out incredible video from huntington, long island. you can see as sandy rip as massive tree out right by the roots. this monster storm also changing the landscape of an rye conic part of new jersey, washing away parts of the jersey shore. look at that. a roller-coaster in the ocean now. before-and-after pictures of seaside heights. governor chris christie toured the area. he described the damage as unthinkable. >> literally the boardwalk at seaside heights is washed into the ocean. i saw a roller-coaster and a log flume sitting in the ocean toda
behind the scenes in the buckeye straight, straight ahead. and the after-party brawl in center city, philadelphia. looks more like a flyers game than a wedding party. the latest on that. and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. martha: new details on the deadly terror attack in benghazi sparking what some are describing as a political firestorm if not a bigger story than that. the white house and state department look to be at odds as lawmakers push to find out what really happened, along with who knew what and then. you're taking in a live picture of what is about to happen on capitol hill, a hearing, we'll hear about that in a moment. welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. bill: there are four dead americans at the center of what happened there. that's why the hearings are so information. i'm jon scott. the first congressional hearing on the deadly terror attack in benghazi getting underway or about to on capitol hill. at first the obama administration said that deadly attack grew out of a spontaneous demonstration and pointed to an anti-islami
. and the after-party brawl in center city, philadelphia. looks more like a flyer anbrea ns ec f apniow"rt right now. martha: new details on the deadly terror attack in benghazi sparking what some are describing as a political firestorm if not a bigr story than that. the white housd ta laakh t fnhaoss angit who knew what and then. you're taking in a live picture of what is about to happen on capitol hill, a hearing, we'll hear abo that in a moment. welcome to "happening now," i'm nna lee. bill: there a f dea th weang ao formio mcott.thir congressional hearing on the deadly terror attack in benghazi getting underway or about to on capitol hill. at first the oma administration said that deadly attack grew out of a spontaneous th aac v aueorand pointed to anas tre b such a demonstration outside the benghazi compound? despite everything the administration said to the contrary there is evidence the state department never believed the video really had anything to do with it. de,nc.s.ou arins ssorib ev chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. what are we expecting to c
to blow up the federal reserve in new york city. we'll hear from someone who says he's acquainted with this suspect. -- joint operation center in downtown manhattan. the suspect was followed by a surveillance team, also an arrest team with the fbi, tracking 21-year-old quazi mohammad nafis from his home in queens to a warehouse on long island where he loaded a van with 20, 50-pound bags of ammonium nitrate. put it in trash cans, covered it with a tarp and headed downtown to the federal reserve bank with a fbi agent along for the ride, attaching the dead naturer to the bomb and parking the van in front of the federal reserve bank and going with this undercover officer to a room at the millennium hotel why he allegedly recorded a video where he said, quote we will not stop until we obtain victory or martyrdom. he tried repeatedly to set off the bomb with his cellphone. instead it just triggered a device in the van alerting officers to the fact that the man was allegedly trying to set off what he thought was a bomb and that's when the team moved in and arrested him, jon. jon: what ab
from the city or not. it's very difficult for them to actually know where they were from, but they don't think some of the attackers were from benghazi. jenna: one of the interesting parts of this account that you bring us and there's so many different tidbits that are new and interesting to us, steven, is the difficulty that the marines that were coming in to try to help protect the consulate and the compound had trying to get to that area. tell us a little bit about why. >> well, the place had been completely overrun. everyone was overwhelmed inside. outside the libyans were actually quick to respond. there is a libyan militia that responded quickly, but when they arrived at the entrance of the compound, they were driven back because the people outside were too aggressive, and they started shooting at them. so it took time for people from the annex, the quick reaction force, to get there, but there was still too much fighting. they didn't want to risk going in. there were too many attackers. so they remained with the militia until the, until the fighting subsided about 90 minutes int
it with will be a northeast mid-atlantic event affecting all of the big cities, d.c., new york city, south of boston and philadelphia as well. let's take a look at it. this is the arctic front that will kind interact with this storm as it breaks down. it will allow this storm to back door it into the northeast, something we typically don't see in october. so, historically we've never seen an event like this, a perfect storm that actually makes landfall across the northeast t will be a big event. people need to prepare as best they can. there is the storm right now. the latest advisory still has this as a category 1 hurricane. there is our future raid today from one of our models as it skirts the outer banks. from the outer banks to maine you need to watch this with snow on the backside of it. that cold air being infused into this tropical system will give this high octane fuel like a super storm. we're really warning folks this is something historically we've never seen. latest track again, jenna, jon, brings it into the same area we've seen over the last 12 to 24 hours. d.c., philadelphia, new york
into new york city. obviously, you know, got days ahead to really hone in and get this forecast right. people need to be paying attention. we do think that this storm will come onshore and it will cause a lot of damage. jon: it's a big, broad storm too. even as it skirts up the coast it will dump a lot of wind and rain on people. >> because it is transitioning, you know the movie, the perfect storm? it is a transitioning storm from tropical to extra tropical. that means wind span will be greater. tropical storm force wind extending 300, 400 miles from the center of the storm. it will be a battering, battering storm, affecting the largest city in the nation. jon: wow, janice deans thank you. i know you will have more throughout the hour. thank you, janice. >> you bet. jon: brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: on breaking e-mails about the benghazi terror attacks. now the deadly assault may have not been an isolated incident. breaking developments. we'll talk live with former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. >>> plus a new candidate for hope and change? mitt romney taking on a
. and that is what is giving us potential for snow across the upper midwest. 47 in minneapolis. 59 in kansas city. very warm across the eastern seaboard. that is going to change this weekend, my friends. we have a cold front stationary across the eastern seaboard. ahead of it along the front pretty nasty weather. showers and thunderstorms. it is so humid outside. bad hair day across the northeast. there is the winter storm bringing in some cases up to a foot of know across the extreme upper midwest as well as parts of the rockies. first measurable snow of the season and first real cold-snap. the cold air is on the move. there is the 24 temperature change. 12 degree change in minneapolis. 21 degree change in sue falls. denver really takes the cake. where will the storm head? it will head up into canada. this next system will move across the ohio valley and the northeast could bring a few snow makes to parts of the interior northeast this weekend. only the first week of october, we're already talking about snow, jon. i hope you have your shovel-ready. i hope jenna has her fancy coat. jon: the pink
in their surveys across the country you're seeing chicago, dallas, kansas city, philadelphia, new york city, richmond, all reporting from businesses that business confidence is slowing down and it is dropping. this the third straight month in a row that we're seeing this. average orders index of course negative for the fourth straight month. we've seen that. employment index at a low too. but the issue is the umpire, the referees who get to call whether or not the u.s. economy is in a recession or not, it is called the national bureau of economic research. and jenna, they have historically been slow to call whether or not the u.s. is in a recession. you won't know until nine or ten months after the fact. for example, in 1970, back then the u.s. economy was in a recession. we only heard it was in recession from the nber eight to nine months later. in fact in the most latest downturn from 2007 to 2009, we basically, that was called, that recession was called in 2010. so you may hear after the fact that the u.s. economy was in a recession and it's not just two consecutive quarters of negative
trying to sit in. julie banderas is live in new york city were -- with more. what happened here? >> reporter: seems like american airlines is trying to do damage control. reports of loose seats over the course of three days, and according to "the new york post," there was a third incident last week. as a result, american airlines has grounded eight 757s to investigate why the seats are coming loose onboard. passengers got quite a scare over the weekend when an american flight was forced to divert to new york on saturday after a row of seats came unbolted mid flight. and then on monday it happened again, believe it or not, a flight headed from jfk to miami had to be turned back after loose seats were discovered. here's a transcript of one pilot reporting the problem to air traffic control. quote: >> reporter: well, luckily, all jets did land without incident, and i now the federal aviation administration and the airline are boast investigating, jenna. jenna: lucky they didn't hit turbulence or anything at the beginning. does the airline know why this is happening? >> reporter: we
their neighborhoods and their people, talking about cities and suburbs. this is very divisive speech and would have distanced themselves from it if had gotten attention four years ago. gregg: he also lavished enormous praise on the reverend jeremiah wright who himself made numerous racially incendiary speeches. any fallout from that or is that old news too? >> clearly obviously the campaign is going to suggest that it's old news and, you know, what he said there, and also the tone in which he speaks and the cadence and his accent and everything is clearly something very different from what ever hear out of the rose garden or anything like that. also words he has about reverend wright are exact opposite what says a year later when he denounces the church and leaves his church there. gregg: right. >> i think that it's that sort of disonance what we hear one place and what we hear in another, way he speaks in one place and speak in another, that could be very disconcert fog are a lot of people who got behind him because he was not going to sort of be this divisive figure. gregg: now, charlie, there's
city newsroom. >> the questions will come from participants. rules were agreed by reps from both campaigns. we're looking at live stage where the debate will take place. no closing statements at the end for example. no props. only the moderator picks the questions. neither sides knows the questions ahead of time. no camera shots of any audience reaction including the candidate's own family members. there are other rules that might be tougher to enforce especially while the debate is playing out. candidates can't address members of the audience. the moderator can not ask any follow-ups. it should be noted moderators of two prior town hall debates asked plenty of follow-ups. charles gibson asked six follow-up questions back in 2004. >> mr. president, i do want to follow up on this one because there were several questions from the audience along this line. >> rebuttal? >> go ahead. i was going to have you do the rebuttal, but go ahead. you're up. >> reporter: then tom brokaw asked 10 follow-ups four years later. >> quick discussion. is health care in america a privilege, a right, or
, psychologists, city attorneys and other accusers. they won. jenna: the victims certainly heard that sentiment, the judge had to hear that sentiment as well. how would that impact you if you heard that type of explanation and really no remorse? >> it won't impact me at all, and i don't think it impacted this judge. i mean essentially mr. sandusky is rearguing the case, and is suggesting while the witnesses should not have been believed. that is history. the jury has spoken. the judge has heard very competent, professional applications to set aside the verdict for the very reasons that sandusky just argued and the judge rejected those arguments. the judge is not in a position now to hear arguments that he should have been acquitted. he's only in a position to hear arguments about the harm that he's caused and the reasons he's going to be in jail. judges have a tendency of letting criminal defendants, especially ones they know are going to go to jail for a longtime say whatever they want just to get it out of their system. in this particular case what sandusky said is irrelevant, you can't argue
, one of the suburbs there in the northern part of the country, and cities in around damascus the capital of the country. these are new assaults launched by the government trying to keep up their momentum. we have amateur video provided by some rebel groups showing these assaults. 18 months into the civil war the rebels are really not able to hold any positions. they have been in these running battles with the syrian government as this war continues and the government is trying to keep the pressure up on the rebels. there has been one very big bright spot for the rebels this week. they have reported that they captured a syrian air defense base. that's significant because inside that air defense base are a number of anti-aircraft missiles. as you might remember, the syrian president has been using his air force to pound away at the rebels it impunity with the surface-to-air missiles, if they figure out how to use them that would give them a way to fight back against president assad's helicopters and his air force. we also got disturbing word from the rebels. they posted the vid
. john roberts live in new york. off the road, finally, john. welcome back to new york city. how are things shaping up on the eve of the debate? >> reporter: considering i'm based in atlanta i'm not exactly home although i used to live here in new york. the way things are going as far as the romney campaign is in debate prep. the romney campaign not expecting the big blowout victory he was perceived to have get in the first debate. every time the president attacks he will bring it back to the issues. he will talk about his own policies of course but he does have a number of attack lines against the president. here's a few of them to watch for tomorrow night. he will be talking about the president's proposed big tax increase on wealthy americans would hit a lot of small businesses. $716 billion in cuts to medicare. in spending and the deficit. in wisconsin today, just a few minutes ago, vice-presidential running mate paul ryan dinged the president adding what he said was $5 trillion to the deficit and the debt over the past four years. >> not only do we have a string of broken pro
in new york city, smiling joe bites back. and then there is baseball. also on the cover of that, also important. jon: i'm sure joe biden's dentist was very happy last night he got a lot of coverage. speaking of mainstream media there are new concerns over coverage as hearings into the murders of americans in libya seem to be ignored by many in the press. it was more than a month ago the terrorists stormed the u.s. consulate in benghazi killing four diplomats and their suppor. this week congress held hearings on the security situation there in the run up to that attack. witnesses revealing stunning new details, including claims that requests for more security were turned down by the administration. isn't this something you'd expect the media to cover? let's talk about it with kristen powers a daily beast columnist and fox news contributor. judith miller is a pulitzer prize prize winning investigator and fox news contributor. judith you and i were talking about this in the green room. very often watching congressional hearings for me is like watching paint dry. watching what was taking
. flyers are everywhere here in the city of westminster and beyond with a description of her face and what she was last wearing. the fbi is on the case as well. bloodhounds joined the search over the weekend. in terms of the community i can tell you personally what it's been like here. i live here in westminster. i don't live too are from where jessica disappeared. i've been out and i've seen her face just about everywhere and i'm going to send things back to you right now. jenna: nice to hear a personal perspective on this story as well. alicia, thank you very much. alicia acuna in colorado. meantime we'll run to some other breaking news out of virginia today where we see governor romney. jon: that's right, jenna. governor bob mcdonnell of virginia just finished his introduction. you notice all the white. these are cadets at the virginia military institute, a historic and highly regarded private military college that offers a lot of, feed as lot of officers to our military institutions. vmi in lexington, virginia. governor romney selecting it as the site of his foreign policy speech. let'
voter fraud. eric shawn live in the new york city newsroom with more on all this. >> reporter: hi, jenna. millions may get a big surprise when they show up to vote on november 6th. they will be told they're, inactive. by law you can be considered an inactive voter not voting in two consecutive federal elections or not returning postcards back to the election board to verify your address. the numbers are straggering. take a look. nearly 21 million inactive voters. california has the vote. texas nearly two million. florida, new york, illinois also top a million. even though they can still vote after confirming information or reregistering again, critics charge officials are intentionally purging voters with these lists. not so say election officials. louisiana secretary of state tom shedler says the accurate voter list assures elections by having accurate voting list. >> i put voting at the utmost paramount of our legal rights but you can see in business everyone does some type of file maintenance or business list maintenance and i don't see any difference in the voting registration. i thi
cities in new york state where the debate was held are on the verge of bankruptcy. pensions are high. expenses are high. we don't know how to run the old system anymore. it is not working. on the other hand we can't pull a rabbit out of the hat. here's the new system that america will look like in the 21st century. so i think our politics are in a bad place because we've outgrown our old way living and don't yet know where we're headed. jenna: why, don't we have a path forward, what walter said? >> we have a path, a warning sign at least on one path. there was a line by, from governor romney which i thought was effective, he should have stressed it more, the road to greece. we are now witnessing here in the united states, if you bother to look across the atlantic, exactly what happens when an entitlement state grows too large and you combine that, too large entitlement state with a low-growth state. that is precisely what is happening with president obama and i wish the governor had driven this home. we have low trend growth that can't possibly afford the promises that he is now made
in norfolk. norfolk would close down without the navy. jon: yeah. it's a great city. love it there. larry sabato from the university of virginia center for politics, always good to get the view from your crystal ball. thank you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: plenty of claims and attacks last night coming really from both sides, but do the facts back up their arguments? a big question today. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is looking into all of this for us, he's live in washington with more. hi there, mike. >> reporter: hi, jenna. president obama takes credit for ending the iraq war and bringing the troops home, and he's critical of mitt romney on the issue of iraq. >> just a few weeks ago you said you think we should have more troops in the iraq right now. and the challenge we have, i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong. >> reporter: to be fair, mr. obama hoped to negotiate a status of forces agreement that would have allowed up to 10,000 troops to stay in iraq after 2011, but the t
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)